The rat was dropped by birds of prey in front of the building of the Central Election Commission when the announcement of those who were allowed to run for president was announced.
The most brutal violence against protesters by security forces occurred in the first three days after the presidential elections. Then people were tortured, beaten, kept in close quarters. There were 50 people in cells for 9 people.
A large portrait of a guy on the ground is cropped from a propaganda video filmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs purporting to show a protestor as if a criminal. It turned out the man pictured wasa Russian human rights activist. They ask him: "Where are you staying?" "At the Little Crane," he answers.
Protesters were marked with spray paint, by security forces. To determine whom should be beaten, how much, or to leave be because already near death.
Female officials are a series of impersonal portraits with the preservation of pupils and attributes of external culture, a typology of the person who works at the Election Commission suspected of falsifying the results.
Shklov idol (Shklov blockhead) is a sculpture depicting a pagan deity, found in 1963 near the Belarusian city of Shklov.
забілі чалавека убили человека they killed a man вони вбили людину zabili człowieka
他們殺了一個人 Sie haben einen Mann getötet jie nužudė žmogų σκότωσαν έναν άντρα
انهن هڪ ماڻهو کي ماريو זיי געהרגעט אַ מענטש
ils ont tué un homme de drepte en mann eles mataram um homem mataron a un hombre
तिनीहरूले एक जना मानिसलाई मारे
მათ კაცი მოკლეს ພວກເຂົາໄດ້ຂ້າຜູ້ຊາຍ
彼らは男を殺した նրանք սպանեցին մի մարդու הם הרגו אדם قتلوا رجلا
พวกเขาฆ่าชายคนหนึ่ง iwo anapha munthu viņi nogalināja vīrieti ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੇ ਇਕ ਆਦਮੀ ਨੂੰ ਮਾਰਿਆ
i whakamatea e ratou tetahi tangata
бер кешене үтерделәр 그들은 사람을 죽였다 zabili muže babulala umntu